Symphony at Salk

October 4, 2017 Ranch & Coast

Symphony at Salk 2017

The Salk Institute celebrated 22 years of Symphony at Salk with Grammy-winning songwriter, composer, and producer David Foster and the San Diego Symphony. The evening concert gala showcased Foster, a 16-time Grammy award winner, performing with his talented cast of musical friends. Proceeds supported the Salk Institute’s wide-ranging scientific inquiries that have yielded more than 50 years of life-changing discoveries, and also supported Salk’s educational outreach program that has helped generations of students discover their passion for research and explore careers in science.

  • Terry and Torri Rosen with Jane and Eric Sagerman
  • Jun Wu, Gerald Joyce, and Juan Izpisua Belmonte
  • Sarah and Jay Flatley
  • Tom and Julie Karlo
  • Corky Schauer, Nicki Edwards, Judith Adler, and Tom Liscum
  • Scott and Susie Tietjen
  • Irwin and Joan Jacobs
  • Don and Karen Cohn
  • John Sedat and Elizabeth Blackburn with Joan and Irwin Jacobs
  • John Sedat and Elizabeth Blackburn with Martha and Bill Gilmer
  • Sarah and Brian Keating
  • Greg Lemke, Haeyoung Tang, Katy McDonald, Jennifer Luce, and Johanna and Martyn Goulding

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