St. Germaine Silver Tea

January 1, 2018 Ranch & Coast

St. Germaine Silver Tea

St. Germaine Children’s Charity presented the nonprofit’s 34th annual Silver Tea at the historically significant La Jolla home of Michelle and Brett Lanuti. Since the charity’s inception, this holiday event has raised more than $4.5 million to support child welfare charities. The 2017 beneficiaries included Angels Foster Family Network, Aseltine School, Casa de Amparo, Home Start, Inc., Kids’ Turn San Diego, North County Lifeline; Outdoor Research, San Diego Center for Children, San Diego Rescue Mission, Solutions for Change, Voices for Children, and Walden Family Services. This year’s chair was Kerri Morrison.

  • Esther Nahama and Carol Karlovich
  • Marilyn Barrett and Merle Lotherington
  • Lauren Forgione, Michelle Serafini, Bronwyn Jarvis
  • Micki Olin and Lettie Meyer
  • Erinn Leonhardt, Meghan Burton, Kathryn Murphy, and Kaitlin Arduino
  • Tiffany Brown, Molly Eldridge, and Alice Collins
  • Marie Biernacki, Julie O’Brien, Kasia Navarro, and Kathryn Stephens
  • Margaret Dudas, Vickie Curd Ladt, and Abby Poussot
  • Jody Gunderson, Shanon Leder Jensen, and Michelle Serafini
  • Gigi Cramer, Wendy Neri, and Cindie Leonard

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