Special Operations Support Foundation Dinner

February 23, 2018 Ranch & Coast


Special Operations Support Foundation Dinner

The Del Mar Country Club in conjunction with the Special Operations Support Foundation hosted a special dinner featuring two of our country’s most renowned CIA operatives. Guest speaker John Maguire has decades of experience serving in the Middle East as Deputy Station Chief in Iraq who trapped the highest ranking spy the Russians have ever had within the CIA. Maguire was joined by Bob Baer, who, while having had an extraordinary covert career, is now best known for having been portrayed by George Clooney in the award winning movie Syriana.

  • Madeleine Pickens and Christine Mabee
  • Bob Baer and John Maguire
  • Melissa Henderson, Jenny Craig, and Michelle Weinger
  • Roland and Margherita Hernandez
  • Tina Thomas, Stephanie Myers, and Katherine Allen
  • Leticia and Jesse Orosco
  • Jeffrey Strauss with Andrea Naversen and Dwight Wait
  • Jeffrey Strauss and Mayo Osman
  • Debbie Harris and Susan Spath

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