Screens, Genes & the Choices We Make

March 16, 2018 Ranch & Coast

Screens, Genes & the Choices We Make

Susan G. Komen San Diego highlighted the latest developments in breast cancer research, treatment, and well-being at its fourth annual dinner symposium. Maria Menounos, Emmy award-winning journalist, brain tumor survivor, and The New York Times bestselling author, hosted the inspiring evening, encouraging attendees to listen to their bodies and make time for themselves, urging the crowd to remember that “life is happening for you, not to you.” The evening also included personal stories and breakthroughs in breast cancer science shared by Dr. Brion W. Murray, research fellow at Pfizer Oncology.

  • Shaina Gross, Dana Alligood, Maria Menounos, Krista Torquato, and Dr. Brion W. Murray
  • Shaina Gross and Maria Menounos
  • Maria Menounos
  • Amy McNamara, Joset Grenon, and Dené Grenon
  • Meybol Guerrero, Michelle Belgar, Laurie Smith, Susan Couch, and Mary Noor
  • Mary Noor, Dana Alligood, and Krista Torquato
  • Louarn Sorkin, Dee Ammon, and Maggie Watkins
  • Tara Shah, Araceli Durezo, Shana Martinez, Vallerie Dalrymple, Emma Gorou, Annette Maseda
  • Cathy Smull, Melanie Richards, Heidi Borsch, Susan Pallinger, Molly Vancil, Merrilee Neal, Mimi Carreon, Sandy Valone, Jennifer Ponder, and Lori Fleet-Martin
  • Michael Hopkins, Marsha Berkson, Melissa Mackin, Tammy Moch, Debbie Zeichner, Lillian Keller, and Tana Slomowitz
  • Chloe Pedersen, Mia Park, Dee Ammon, Kristen Cusato, Melanie Palm, Charlotte Pence, and Maggie Watkins

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