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April 2023

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PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF BRADY ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY According to Tara Steinke, ND, co-founder of Naturopathic Rx in Rancho Santa Fe, it's important to have compassion for yourself when implementing a wellness habit-changing process. Habits are our automatic ways of doing things. We get so used to doing things a certain way that we become complacent with our own programming. Take a look at habits that don't support your wellness and acknowledge that change can be rewarding. Kelly Austin, ND, founder of Prime Wellness, performs lifestyle assessments including hormonal bloodwork on patients. "For some of my patients, the quantitative results motivate them to change their behavior because they see what a difference it makes in their overall health," she says. While Austin uses bloodwork to assess patient health several times a year, often these baseline measurements are collected less frequently, during annual doctor's visits. In the interim, various metrics of your health can be measured using devices such as an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or ŌURA ring, among other wearables. According to Michael Kurisu, DO, founder of Measured Wellness, "Wearables are a game changer because they allow for the continual tracking of health metrics over time. Monitoring these variables demonstrates patterns and trends to give deeper insights on someone's health journey." When implementing lifestyle changes, Steinke recommends going at a pace that feels good for you. Make a list of new habits you want to make. Select your top one or two and reinforce your commitment to these by clarifying their benefits. Try waking each morning with five minutes of stretching or breathing exercises. Stay objective, let go of any self-judgment, and maintain awareness that it's all a process. Austin echoes the importance of moving daily and finding something you enjoy doing physically. Stacy Self, an integrative nutritional health/lifestyle coach and owner of Self Care Health & Wellness, supports individuals on the journey to finding balance in their lives with food, fitness, gut, and mental health advice. "When it comes to nutrition, knowing what to eat, how much, and how often can be confusing," says Self. "When it comes to making long lasting nutritional changes, it is paramount to remember we are all bio-individual. It is important to find what foods work best for our body. rough the process of elimination and reintroduction of healthy food we can slowly detox our system and learn which fuel works best for us." According to interior designer Stephanie Parisi, founder of Stephanie Parisi Studio in Rancho Santa Fe, by designing interiors with wellness-based principles, we can turn our homes into oases of renewal for mind, body, and spirit. Parisi, whose work has been featured internationally in Architectural Digest and Elle Décor, says she is drawn to the concept of the power of thoughtful design to elevate our experience through visual aesthetics. "Our home environments can be designed to support our sense of well-being by relaxing our brains and supporting states of calm," she says. For expanded wellness tips, please visit ranchandcoast.com/ reboot2023. Focus wellness << ranchandcoast.com 44 APRIL 2023 RANCH & COAST MAGAZINE 3. Take Small Steps and Keep Moving Daily 2. Quantify Your Well-Being and Integrate Wearables 1. Establish New Habits and Be Patient with Yourself 4. Consider a Bio-Individual Nutrition Plan 5. Create Serene Spaces for riving

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