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January 2023

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ranchandcoast.com 34 JANUARY 2023 RANCH & COAST MAGAZINE If we're digging into the ultimate "why," the answer is evident: Sustainability. Without it, everything from our health and our wallets to our farms and oceans is impacted in big and small ways. "Oh my goodness, do you have an hour?" is the knee-jerk response from Pam Schwartz, general manager at Ranch 45, when asked why sustainable practices are important from source to consumer. "Financially, sustainability makes a lot of sense. Here at the restaurant, we try to use everything by eliminating waste. It's not only good for the environment, but also, it's better with how prices have skyrocketed over the last two years." In order to avoid passing on steep price hikes to consumers at her Solana Beach restaurant and butcher shop, Schwartz and her team work to use every part of the beef they butcher, including rendering and cleaning fats to make everything from baked goods to soap, at once diverting waste and generating additional revenue. e health end of the sustainability spectrum is equally important to her. "We've seen such a spike in allergies over the last ten to 15 years, with kids being allergic to everything from dairy to wheat and other things," says Schwartz, whose own daughter was hospitalized after a severe reaction from eating chicken treated with antibiotics that led to a penicillin allergy diagnosis. "Making sure that all of our products are sourced from Indulge dining << Pam Schwartz, general manager at Ranch 45

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