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January 2023

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was for so many businesses, it gave me the opportunity to step forward into growth by creating an online platform," she says. "Like anything new, the learning curve, especially all the technology, was challenging. I remember I was scheduled to teach in person in Bangkok and before I knew it, I was teaching at 11pm online to students in Asia. Having taught classes since the days of popping a cassette tape in a janky boom box wearing a leotard to teaching on a screen in my room across the world is absolutely thrilling." Tom's favorite room is his spacious office, which also became a set for his many Zoom coaching and training sessions around the world during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, he logged more than a million miles on one airline alone. As the world has opened up, he has resumed travel, although not as much, averaging about ten days a month. Stacy and Kylie love the expansive kitchen with custom cabinets, a granite island, and lots of bells and whistles. e family is committed to organic, vegan, plant-based foods, so the blender is at the ready for healthy smoothies in the morning and there is always a big green salad in the fridge. "We are a 'plant passionate' family and our daughter, Kylie, and I love creating culinary superfood creations," says Stacy. "We share these in my newsletter and on social media hoping it will inspire others to add greens and natural foods to their meals. We soak, sprout, and squeeze our own nut milks, make our own juices, and eat seasonally as much as possible. However, we are not fanatical and know that everyone is on their own journey to find what makes them feel their best." e family is also committed to making health, wellness, and fitness a priority in their lives. "is may sound funny, but I have a routine I created of simple yoga poses I do before getting out of bed," says Stacy. "I meditate every morning before I start the day and every evening before going to sleep. I have been practicing yoga six days a week and meditation seven days a week for almost 30 years, so at this point it's like brushing my teeth." Tom, too, has daily rituals, beginning with mediation, yoga, and qigong, a Chinese system of exercise involving controlled breathing, gentle movements, and focused attention. "Earlier in my life I would try to fit exercise in and that didn't always work. Now, I make it my number one priority," he says. "I do believe that I will live a long and healthy life, but I'm not leaving it to chance. I put in the work to make that a reality. By making my health and wellness a priority, I've also noticed that while I may not work as many hours, the quality of my work and the results I generate are greatly enhanced." >> << The foyer, centered with a stone fireplace, includes a chic, comfortable seating area. Flooring throughout the house is crafted of tumbled limestone from France ranchandcoast.com 84 JANUARY 2023 RANCH & COAST MAGAZINE

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