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January 2023

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connect people "Just like you have systems for your work environment, we have systems around what I call 'Mastering the Big 3: How you move, how you eat, and how you think,' says Stacy. When we come consciously to our habits of movement, consumption, and thought, we are addressing the wholeness of our health of mind, body, and spirit. We have morning and evening practices to start and end our day with powerful thoughts and emotions." When asked about their resolutions for the new year, Tom says, "I don't think we are ever a finished product and I'm resolved to make sure I end 2023 healthier, happier, and better than I am in 2022. Every day I dive into myself to see what old disempowering beliefs, stories, or experiences I can let go of in order to become a better version of myself." Stacy notes that most people fail to follow through on resolutions. "at's why we suggest getting rid of your resolutions all together, and instead look at the daily habits and thoughts that make up your life," she says. "We practice daily rituals, which transforms your unconscious habits into conscious, meaningful rituals. When we work to bring our best self with full intention into the day- to-day patterns that shape our lives, we transform who we are from the inside out. It's a holistic approach organized to balance your lifestyle by refining your physical practice, diet, and quality of mind. By balancing these areas of our lives, we are creating a sustainable lifestyle and ensuring long-term success in meeting our goals — whether it be a stronger body, more peace of mind, or greater ease of being." e couple also believes in giving back. Tom's father, a U.S. Army captain and West Point Military Academy graduate, died in Vietnam when Tom was three years old. His younger brothers were just two years and six months old. His mother raised her three sons alone. "We had a lot of love, but very little money," Tom recalls. at experience led him to support Folded Flag Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships for the children of those who have lost their lives while serving in the military, as well as grants for spouses. He also supports Feeding America, a nonprofit working to end hunger in the United States. Stacy's love of animals led her to teach "Doga Yoga" events to raise awareness and funds for no-kill animal shelters. In 2015, she partnered with the Humane Society and Leash your Fitness to set a Guinness World Record for the biggest "Dogi and their Yogis" charity event. Her father died of diabetes, so for years Stacy collaborated with City of Hope to provide yoga and meditation free of charge to patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses. She was also involved with "Yoga for Hope," the largest yoga fundraiser in Southern California, which drew 1,000 people to Petco Park's centerfield grass to raise funds and awareness about the benefits of yoga in the healing process. What advice do the McCarthys have for living healthier, happier lives in the New Year? While healthy eating and exercise is important to take care of our bodies, says Tom, it is just as important to develop our minds. "A powerful mind will have a huge influence on your health, your wealth, your happiness, and every other area of your life," he imparts. Adds Stacy, "From my Swedish ancestry, this proverb has always worked for me: Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours." yoganamastacy.com, tommcmarthy.com, thebreakthroughcode.com << The terrace has a pizza oven, fireplace, and barbeque with plenty of room for entertaining

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