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January 2024

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Located in 4S Ranch, SKY Facial Plastic Surgery has been voted Best Facial Plastic Surgeon by the readers of Ranch & Coast for the last nine years. e practice's owner, board-certified facial plastic surgeon and board-certified head and neck surgeon Dr. Sirius K. Yoo, is one of only a select number of surgeons in the nation to complete a prestigious fellowship in facial plastic surgery at Stanford University. He believes the recognition stems from three core principles at SKY: "First, we're dedicated to achieving natural-looking results that honor the unique beauty of each patient," he says. "Second, our exclusive focus on the face and neck allows us to specialize and refine our techniques in these areas. And third, we develop customized, comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each patient's individual needs and aesthetic goals. is combination of natural aesthetics, specialized focus, and personalized care forms the cornerstone of our practice and is what resonates with our patients." Yoo's wife, SKY Vice President Amber N. Yoo, DBA, MBA, is also deeply involved in the practice. Amber points out that when fielding inquiries, SKY's team often finds that it's a matter of teaching people what they don't yet know. "So many people are interested in aesthetic services, and they're focused on one single thing, but to look great, you really need to be addressing the different modalities, because each one does different things," she says. For instance, one misconception is that filler is the answer for everything. "Filler is to fill, and as we age, we lose volume. But filler is not good at lifting," she explains. Another issue is people seeking ways to have the aesthetic results of a facelift without actually getting a facelift. e technology is just not there yet, Amber says. Still, there are plenty of effective non-surgical options to help jumpstart anti-aging efforts — what Amber calls the "tools in the toolbelt." Good skincare. "ere are differences between what you can get over the counter versus at a doctor's office. With medical grade skincare, there are stronger ingredients and clinical studies that can prove the efficacy of the product," says Amber. Neuromodulators. Injections of Botox or Daxxify help to address lines and wrinkles that are caused by expressions like raising or furrowing brows, or squinting. "It's a bit preventative," Amber says. "It's like folding a paper — if you fold it over the same crease again and again, you're going to get a deeper line. So, to help ease it or prevent it from deepening, regular treatments of neuromodulators can help." Fillers. As we age, the underlying fat pads in our face deflate, so we lose volume every year. And as a result, the amount of filler required might need to increase each year. A more permanent option would be a fat transfer (with the understanding that fat transfer does not stop the continued gradual loss of volume). Energy. Lasers and microneedling deliver energy to the skin, stimulating collagen and addressing pigmentation changes, skin tone, fine lines, and texture. Many people will develop brown spots, freckles, and sunspots. Treatment depends on skin tone, as IPL is not safe for darker tones. Microneedling achieves good results for melasma and acne scars by creating microchannels in the skin to stimulate a regenerative process. And without applying any heat, microneedling is safe for any skin tone. Surgery. For clients who've determined that surgery is the best path to addressing soft tissue laxity and sagging, Dr. Yoo's approach to facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is to achieve a natural, balanced look that is individualized for each patient. "Too often, surgeons apply generalized techniques that result in an 'overdone' plastic surgery look," says Dr. Yoo. "I believe that every face and personality is unique." He sees patients over a series of visits in order to customize his approach. By creating symmetry and harmony among the structural elements of the face, he gives patients the natural, balanced appearance they seek. << ranchandcoast.com 74 JANUARY 2024 RANCH & COAST MAGAZINE

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